Great Ways To Become a Valuable Asset to Your Employer

If you want more job security, find a way to become a valuable asset to your boss. Don’t know how to do that? Read on. If a business wants to…

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Should I hire a freelancer or an agency?

A key dilemma that an online business may go through is deciding whether to hire a freelancer or opt for an agency. Both of these choices will have their pros…

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Best CAPTCHA to Prevent Spam

What is the Best CAPTCHA to Prevent Spam?

CAPTCHA’s may seem like an inconvenience for a web surfer, but for a website owner they are an invaluable tool. This security mechanism serves to protect websites from SPAM content…

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Reasons Website project fails

Reasons Why Website Projects Fail

Often wonder why so many of our clients come to us after their Web Projects fail. About 75% of our business comes from projects where someone else couldn’t get the…

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Why do freelancer projects fail 5 common reasons

Why do freelancer projects fail 5 common reasons.

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Get more clients

How To Get More Clients as a Freelance Developer

As a freelance developer, you’re constantly looking for ways to keep your client pipeline flowing. But as coding becomes a more common skill, the number of competitors who can seemingly…

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Tips on how to find a good web development company for your task

A good website is essential for any modern day organization. To build a good website, you need a good team. Are you on the lookout for a good web development…

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Main Reasons Why Most Mobile App Startups Fail

Let’s start with some statistics. According to the latest reports, by the end of 2017 there will be a staggering 254 billion mobile apps. Mobile has already reached its all-time…

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Core PHP Vs PHP Framework

How are web applications made? Web applications are made of tools called frameworks and programming languages, and in the world of frameworks PHP frameworks needs no introduction. How do these…

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7 Reasons Not to Use Open Source Software

Businesses of all sizes embrace open source software and the benefits it can bring. Sometimes, though, choosing proprietary software makes better business sense. Here are seven scenarios when it pays…

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